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Property Damage

Property damage is rarely planned, so when it happens you need someone who is prepared to meet your reconstruction project needs.

Property Damage Reconstruction Specialists

Property Owners

With our in-depth knowledge, experienced management team, and clear communication, we help create a stress-free repair process for homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

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Learn more about how The Hamel Company can restore your property to better condition than it was before the loss.

Property Managers

Our specialization with insurance losses, ability to scale up to repair large losses and our multiple locations enable us to help property managers who oversee many sites.

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Learn more about how The Hamel Company can restore your property to better condition than it was before the loss.

Condo Associations

We give detailed line by line estimates to give clarity when one insurance company needs to evaluate repairs fairly to multiple units with different owners.


We have a great reputation for working with multiple owners in multi-loss situations within a condo association.


Mitigation contractors who focus their efforts on emergency clean up choose to partner with The Hamel Company as a trusted resource for complete repair.


Find out how we can help you grow your business and simplify it too, by working with our team of experts.

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The Hamel Company is a full-service, property damage reconstruction company. We focus on delivering high quality reconstruction for residential and commercial property owners dealing with unexpected damage that involves an insurance claim.

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Featured Projects

commercial condo after
Commercial Condo, West End, Boston, MA

When a fourth floor water line burst in a commercial condo building during the early days of the COVID shutdown, it took days before anyone realized it. By the time the leak had been discovered, this second floor condo had been completely destroyed. The tenant was actively trying to cancel the lease so it was imperative that it be rebuilt within about 60 days – which it was.

residential condo
Residential Condo, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Extensive damage originated from a tub overflow in the unit above this condo. Upon demolition of the damaged areas, it was discovered that the building did not have the proper footings in place. They had to be repoured and the entire layout of the space had to be reconfigured to meet current building code.

residential after
Single Family Residence, Lincoln, MA

The insured was away during winter when the furnace in the home failed. This lead to many frozen and burst pipes throughout the home. While the entire kitchen had to be rebuilt, we were able to save the solid wood cabinets. We brought them to a local craftsman who refinished all the faces to restore them from the water damage.

residential staircase after
Single Family Residence, Nahant, MA

A leak in the roof while the insured was away caused extensive damage throughout the entire home. This project was unique because the insured didn’t want any changes to the existing surround speaker system throughout the home which was installed sometime in the 80’s. There was no way to replace it so some parts had to be rebuilt by an audio specialist which was more difficult than replacing the whole system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

High Quality Work

Hamel Painters are a high end painting company, I am a Realtor in Boston and referred Matt to a handful of my clients. This company is unique because they can repair water damage. They also specialize in painting Boston condos and townhomes. Do you want high quality work? Call them today.
Collin B.Boston, MA

The Bright Spot in a Messy Situation

One month into moving into a new place, the worst happened. The water line off the fridge fell off and caused a leak that damaged our second floor kitchen, first floor bedroom and garage. I was recommended Hamel Painters from the company that helped dry out our place and Matt and the company have been the bright spot in the entire process.
Gigi Y.Boston, MA

Quick. Professional. Responsive.

In April, my apartment was completely destroyed by water damage due to a bad roofing job. Servpro had to come in and strip the place down to the studs. Matt Hamel and his crew came storming in the day after Servpro left and rebuilt this place BETTER than it was before.
Alex F. Boston, MA

The Hamel Company is a full-service, property damage repair company. We focus on delivering high quality repairs for residential and commercial property owners dealing with damage, ranging from floods to fires to mold — anything that involves an insurance claim.

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