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Haggetts Pond, Andover, MA

Completed Spring 2018

This customer experienced a leaking pipe in the concrete slab of their home’s foundation. After the affected areas had been thoroughly dried, The Hamel Company began working on the repairs. The leak was not detected right away and by the time it was discovered, it had rotted part of the base plate along one wall. The base plate was replaced and the flood cuts in the drywall were patched. Due to continued signs of moisture in the concrete slab after the suspected primary culprit was repaired, we determined that the new flooring was installed using the severe moisture version of the Polyethylene Method from the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association’s Hardwood Installation Manual. The original pre-finished wood floors had been discontinued, so it was impossible to find a match for patching only the affected area. A new floor was chosen and the entire old flooring was replaced. The Hamel Company also repaired a paneled wall in the laundry room where the new water line was connected.

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